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The 6 wrong ways to place the pillow

We humans, you know, are creative people even when we go to sleep. In a previous article we told you about the different sleep positions, while here we wanted to collect 6 wrong ways to place the pillow: rather common errors but all harmful to our posture and well-being. Let’s see why 1) Pillow under […]

Do you feel irritable and impatient? It’s all about how you sleep!

You’ve probably already tried on your skin how lack of sleep causes irritability.  After a sleepless or very disturbed night, you often happen not only to feel fatigued and not very energetic, but definitely more irritable and vulnerable to stress. Many scientific researches have verified the existence of a direct correlation between irritability and lack […]

Food and Sleep

The quality of your rest is a fundamental element for the overall health of your body and mind. And we know how food plays a key role on it. Sleeping well reduces the risk of developing some chronic diseases, keeps your mind healthy and strengthens your immune system. (Article: The importance of a good night’s […]

How sleep affects the quality of your skin

  The quality of our skin is something we take care every single day. We do so much to make our skin look great in the morning, particularly when we aren’t getting any younger. Our bathroom counters are cluttered with special skincare products: cleansing milk, skin masques and face creams. From time to time, we […]

Colors and quality of sleep

Colors and quality of sleep: what’s in common between these 2 words that appear so different? Have you ever heard about the power of the colors on your sleep? Did you know that the choice of the color in your bedroom walls can negatively impact the quality of your sleep? Let’s understand how. The power […]

Memory Foam, the material invented by NASA

Memory foam is the most recent innovation inside the materials applied to bedding sector. It is recognized for its ability to help relieve painful pressure points during sleep, so much to be utilized into orthopedic seating pads, mattress and other paddings for the severely disabled. Bedding sector is demonstrating a crescent attention for pillows. Everyone knows […]

Sleep cycles and stages: do you know how it works?

Sleep is a complex and dynamic process that affects how you function in ways scientists are now beginning to understand. During a night our sleep is marked by an alternation of 4 different stages: this is what we call sleep cycles. A sleep cycle progress through the stages from light to deep sleep then reverse […]

The importance of a good night’s sleep

Having a good night’s sleep is, unfortunately, not so common. Do you know that people today get considerably less sleep than their ancestors, and that the quality of their sleep has decreased as well? A good night’s sleep is incredibly important for your health, as much as eating healthy and exercising. A recent research by […]