The qualquality of sleep affects the quality of your skinity of our skin is something we take care every single day.

We do so much to make our skin look great in the morning, particularly when we aren’t getting any younger.

Our bathroom counters are cluttered with special skincare products: cleansing milk, skin masques and face creams. From time to time, we like change them in order to obtain the advantages that seem not getting.

What if one of the biggest secrets to better skin was as simple as laying down and taking a nap?

After all, our body never stops working — especially when we’re asleep.

There’s quite a bit of research and science behind the concept of beauty rest. Sleep is the moment when some of the most important internal recovery takes place, including the epidermal one.

If your daytime skin care routine is a good habit, discover why you shouldn’t give up a good sleep, even if for a couple of days.

How sleep affects the quality of your sleep

You can almost immediately tell that getting a poor night of sleep doesn’t do woke-up-like-this wonders for your face.

The signals of a bad sleep on your face

An interesting study made by the Institute of Karolinska Stockholm (Sweden)  has been made to investigate how our face is able to communicate the sleep deprivation.

A group of 20 adults mans and 20 women has been involved in the investigation. A college-aged population, perfect state of health, without sleep diseases. At the beginning of the study, they have been evaluated in terms of skin quality

Afterwards, they have been subjected to a sleep of about 10 days, where they slept for 5 hours per night, losing approximately 2,5 hour of rest per day. After the 10 days they have been evaluated again. The purpose was to investigate how our face can change when subjects to a sleep deprivation, even when linked to few days.

Results show stunning considerations.

Everyone subjected to sleep deprivation shown, again so quickly, evident signals on the face, particularly on their eyes. Swelling, redness, hanging eyelids and darker undereye circles

And that’s not all..

Also the skin  shown important difference when comparing the before and after condition.

A bad sleep penalize our relationships

If can be very simple understand how a sleep reduction can affect the quality of our face, is much less intuitive understand that a bad sleep make more complicated our relationships and impact the way we appear attractive and look successful.

A  2017 study found that two days of sleep restriction negatively affected participant’s perceived attractiveness, health, sleepiness, and trustworthiness.

Particularly, it has been analyzed how does change the perception people have about us, whenever we don’t sleep as we should. It seems we appear less attractive and more delicate of health.

This study has involved 150 different people.

A group of 25 universities, all in perfect health, have been subjected to the sleep deprivation.

They have been carefully selected. No smokers, without sleep diseases, and with a daily habits and life rhythms constants and repetitive.

Moreover it has been involved a group of 122 different people for education, cultural aspects and age (between 18 and 65 years old: the raters. They were asked to interact with the previous group. Their interaction have been analyzed to draw the conclusions.

Would they show differences in their human approach between people with sleep deprivation, when compared with the others?

When we don’t sleep enough we are less attractive

The results of this study have been very interesting, particularly if linked to the period of sleep reduction. Only 2 days.

The approach of raters confirmed the theories of the researchers. Everybody shown less willing to socialize with people subjected to sleep deprivation. Moreover, everyone has negatively rated all the subjects that haven’t been able to sleep enough

After only 2 days of 4 hours per night sleeping, people have been evaluated less attractive, slumbered and fragile.

Sleep affects the quality of your skin

What is really important you understand, is that during nightly sleep our body is working in order to recover energies and to regenerate tissues. This is true for your brain, your muscles and your skin too.

During sleep, your skin’s blood flow increases, and the organ rebuilds its collagen and repairs damage from UV exposure, reducing wrinkles and age spots.

Where do you lay your face?

If the quality of your sleep has an indirect impact on your skin, the quality of your pillow has got a direct influence on it.

Sleep is a time when your face inevitably comes into contact with the elements directly around it for a long time, from 6 to 7,5 hour as por average.

When you suffer from restless sleep, your face is even more stressed, You continuously change your pillow position, from one side to another, assuming absurd positions under a face even more scrunched up.

When the pillow you are using is not the proper one, the sensation of discomfort and unsatisfaction is growing even more.

The pillow can become the major cause of your restless sleep and of that unrecognizable sensation that leaves you exhausted.

Moreover, when the surface is not breathable enough, your skin will necessarily suffer and, sometimes, you will get redness and rashes.

This is the reason why Nightingold decided to create an innovative product, able to guarantee a personalized sleep experience and a energizing rest

A tailor made pillow,, created on your needs and desires, studied with a great attention to details.

Only premium materials and high breathability, in order to ensure that “gentle touch” your face and your skin deserve.

Do you want to discover how we can help you having a good rest?

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