Pillow luxury craftmanship to get the rest you deserve

Experience your personal comfort

Engineered for you with the best mixture of high-quality materials

Tailor-made pillows

We craft a pillow to your size and needs

Change your bad sleeping habits

Provide your guests with the perfect resting experience

Luxury hospitality is all about love

His birthday is nearly here … looking for special ideas?

Surprise who you love with a tailor made sleeping experience.

a tailor made sleeping experience
a tailor made sleeping experience

A tailor made product is a really special gift, and deserve a unique package. Every single detail to guarantee a special unboxing experience and that Ah Ah sensation that the persons you love deserve.

An emotional path, starting from the beginning.

Your Exclusive Pillow

The tailor made luxury pillow made just for you. We design a high-quality pillow according to your needs, habits, and measurements, to ensure that you live the rest of your dreams.

Benefits of sleeping with a Nightingold Pillow:

  • Made just for you. Based on your measurements and sleeping habits

  • High-quality materials that provide the perfect comfort and sensations

  • Bad sleeping habits? We create a perfect solution for you to have the rest you deserve.

  • Refreshed and energized every single morning


“Nightingold is an ideal solution for so many people who suffer from Sleep Apnea”

“Premium Nightingold pillows will mark a “BEFORE and AFTER” inside traveler’s rest. We are going to introduce these hand-made pillows  to create a personalized and dreamy  rest experience.”

“I noticed my neck pain relieved after a couple of days, thanks to the Nightingold process to create a pillow for my needs. Now I have a good rest every night and wake up without pain. When my pillow arrived, it was such a treat, very sophisticated, only for me.”

“Thanks to my new Nightingold pillow i noticed a big improvement of the quality of my sleep. I can sleep much more relaxed, without interruptions and i wake up without neck pain. Now I really can enjoy life feeling refreshed and energized.”

Solutions for Boutique Hotels and SPAs

Let your guests experience a higher level of luxury. Find the perfect solution for your hotel/spa

More than a pillow, a holistic rest experience