Do you feel irritable and impatient? It’s all about how you sleep!

sleep well to reduce irritbaility

You’ve probably already tried on your skin how lack of sleep causes irritability.  After a sleepless or very disturbed night, you often happen not only to feel fatigued and not very energetic, but definitely more irritable and vulnerable to stress.

Many scientific researches have verified the existence of a direct correlation between irritability and lack of sleep.

How many times have you been able to quickly lose patience for a colleague’s request, to quarrel with your partner without even knowing why or, even worse, to react disproportionately with your children, who were only looking for spending time with you?

Lack of sleep and irritability

Many studies have shown that lack of sleep has a significant impact on our mood, even when it comes to partial deprivation, which we sometimes think cannot have significant consequences.

Even small night fluctuations in sleep duration can affect how people respond to events in their daily lives,” says psychologist Nancy Sin of the University of British Columbia.

We found that when people sleep less than usual, they don’t have the same boost in positive emotions from their positive events,” Sin says. Sleeping longer, on the other hand, makes  positive events look even better and protects against the negative effects of daily stress.

Some scientific researches

In this regard, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania carried out a very interesting study. Adult behaviors were studied after only  1 week of reduction of their rest to 5  hours a night.

A relatively short period, and a sleep deprivation that might seem with no impacts.  How many times have you ever slept five hours? There are, even, those who consider 5-6 hours as the standard time of a good daily rest.

But that’s not what the study showed. The results are astonishing

An interesting study on sleep and irritability

To test the impact of sleep deprivation on behaviors, the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study of 16 adults, everyone in perfect health conditions.

For 7 consecutive days the subjects were induced to a sleep deprivation of 33%, causing them to sleep about 5 hours/night.

The experiment involved a timely analysis of the state of fatigue and the behaviors of the subjects who, 3 times a day, were monitored through scientific tests.

The monitoring provided an evaluation on different parameters: level of psychomotor surveillance, storage capacity and presence of cognitive-emotional disorders.


The test results are impressive. In just 1 week of reduction of rest, all subjects showed a worsening of their ability to carry out their normal daily activities.

Fatigue, sense of confusion, tension and a general behavior disorder is what most of the people reported.

There has also been an increase in memory gaps.

And the most important thing, is that such effects appeared already after only 2 days of reduction of sleep hours


By the time the subjects returned to sleep about 7.5 hours a night, the negative effects completely disappeared.

The alarming news is that it took from 2 to 3 days to recover the deprivation accumulated in only 1 week. Furthermore, as the days of deprivation have increased, it has proved to be increasingly difficult to make a full recovery.

What about you? Do you suffer from irritability?

How long have you not been sleeping more than 5-6 hours a night? You’ve probably figured out now why you feel so tired and cranky. It is also possible that the days when you seem to see “all black” are the ones where you have rested the worst.

So it’s time to do something to improve the quality of your life, how you feel, and your relationships.

What to do if your sleep is not good

There are a lot of things that affect our sleep. From pre-sleep habits, to the lights you submit to your eyes just before you fall asleep, to the foods you take over dinner. Even the colors of your bedroom walls can have an impact on how easily you fall asleep.

But what certainly has a direct influence on the quality of your sleep is the ability to completely relax when you lie on the bed and position your head on your pillow.

That should be the moment you feel that sensation of muscle relaxation, which starts from behind the neck and reaches the extremities; the tip of his hands; the tip of the toes.

If that doesn’t happen to you, it’s time to question your pillow. Have you ever thought about it?

The importance of pillow on a good sleep

Have you ever thought that, in addition to the mattress, the pillow is a fundamental element to be able to achieve that kind of deep relaxation?

Do you know that when you sleep with the appropriate pillow, you have a much less disturbed sleep thanks to the fact that the body takes a correct, muscularly “neutral” position, which can be maintained for several consecutive hours?

If your sleep is very rough, it is very likely that you are taking incorrect postures that your physique cannot sustain for several consecutive hours. And that depends on whether your pillow isn’t supporting your head as it should and you try to compensate in any way. Arms under the pillow, bent leg, crooked back, elbows under the head.

Anything to find a moment of peace … but at what cost?

The pillow that perfectly suits for you is the one that can properly support your head, aligning your neck to your column.

In fact, when this correct alignment exists, the whole column can relax and send a message of deep relaxation to the body, through the nervous system. The muscles relax, the tendons in turn can finally stop working, …. Everything finally indulges in a deep sleep

The tailor made pillow

Getting column alignment is not immediate, because it depends on a lot of factors, first of all your sleep position.

Sleeping to the side leads you to have different needs than those who sleep on their stomachs up. In addition, the physicality of each of us is different, so you can well imagine that each of us needs a different pillow.

What does it feel like to wear shoes that are too tight or one size more?

And for our neck and shoulders it’s exactly the same thing. They also need the same attention that we reserve at our feet.

Nightingold is  the first company offering the tailor made pillow. Through a process of in-depth investigation of your needs and desires, we are able to create the memory foam pillow created specifically for you, different from that of any other.

Starting from high quality materials, we create tailor-made recipes  that can transform the wishes and needs of the customer into his pillow.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start sleeping well.

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