Memory pillows can be really different

differences between a memory foam and the memory used by nightingold

Let’s get this straight: this is not the usual article about the characteristics of a memory pillow. On the net you will find hundreds of insights and we also have already covered the topic  here.

In this article we want to explain why some memory pillows cost 30 euros and others 300 euros, why some are breathable and others are not, some soft and others rigid, and why we had the need to call our memory differently: Memory Gold.

Viscosity and elasticity

To understand the differences between a memory foam pillow and ours made of Memory Gold, we have to make a small technical digression, talking about viscoelasticity. Each memory pillow plays on the balance between two characteristics: viscosity and elasticity.

> Viscosity is the resistance that the material has when pressure is exerted (of the head in the case of pillows);

> Elasticity is the ability of that material to return to its initial position after being deformed.

As in a scale, if the balance is shifted towards viscosity, the pillow will be very hard and will find it difficult to get back into initial position, while if it is too elastic it will quickly “bounce” at the expense of comfort.

All companies that design memory foam pillows try to find the perfect balance between viscosity and elasticity. This influence the way in which they choose materials and some other parameters with different mixes of ingredients. However, the result is not always the same..

How has your memory been processed?

To achieve the balance between viscosity and elasticity there are several ways: some more expensive, others cheaper. For obvious reasons, many companies choose the cheapest route by purchasing lower quality materials (polymers with a small cell size) and sometimes even shortening process times. Choices that result in a imbalance on viscosity.

Maybe when you touch it in the store, the pillow can look nice and compact, but in a daily use you would realize that it struggles to adapt to the different positions you take at night, giving you the feeling that you do not have the right support. And that’s not the only downside.

It’s a question of breathability.

In addition to excessive viscosity, a memory foam pillow produced from poor materials has another problem, perhaps even more serious: it is not breathable.

This is because a small cell size penalizes air circulation by generating that annoying feeling of excessive heat under the face. In addition, the heat generated and the scarcity of oxygen are conditions that favor bacterial proliferation. A great minus for those suffering from allergies, rhinitis, dermatitis and the many who wake up in the morning with itching in the eyes.

A cheap memory foam pillow is therefore woody, hotter, less elastic and less breathable than a high-quality memory foam pillow. That’s why we decided to call our pillows Memory Gold.

Memory Gold pillows.  

At Nightingold, we ensure the maximum quality of the product by working on the polymer construction. We are not the only ones in the world, but we are definitely among the few.

We do this because we want our pillow to have the perfect balance between viscosity and elasticity, between comfort and support, between lightness and breathability. Our formula and our mix of materials is obviously a secret but the effects are obvious.

You can notice it from the slow, controlled movement that each Memory Gold pillow has when it comes back into initial position, from the fact that it accompany and support your neck and head lightly throughout the night, or when you wake up in the morning and no longer have that annoying itching in your eyes.

Plus they’re tailor-made… but that’s yet another story.

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